Inequities in Education and meeting the needs of Children of Color

By Danielle Wright The Well Being is a weekly radio show in New Orleans hosted by 4 women of color. Each week the co-hosts explore the impact of inequitable systems on various dimensions of wellness. This episode discusses the history of inequities in New Orleans public education, the current landscape of public education and how systemic changes can be made to meet the needs of children of color in schools. We explore… Read More

How do we build quality schools and communities?

The State of New Orleans Charter Schools: How do we build quality schools and communities? Join community and education leaders for informative panel discussions on the current charter school landscape in New Orleans on October 3, 2018! This event is free and open to the public. Hosted by: Chris Stewart, Citizen Education & Wayfinder Foundation School Panel: Melanie Askew Founder and Head of School Élan Academy Charter School Jawan Brown-Alexander Chief of… Read More

What Alice Walker Can Teach Us about Hispanic Heritage Month

In the last couple of years, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to connect with one’s roots and heritage as a means of resistance.  I reflect on Alice Walker’s famous quote that “resistance is the secret of joy,” and in the context of heritage and culture the meaning of her words is clearer to me. To be more fully who I am and to be less of what society expects me… Read More

And They Wonder Why Feminism Exists

Throughout my years of watching sports, I’ve witnessed men fight on the field, harass referees/umpires, slur officials, and even throw balls across the court when they disagree with a call, but when a woman, who is just as passionate about her athletic craft as a man, merely says to an umpire “You stole a point from me, and you are a thief,” she is penalized and as a result, loses a game…. Read More


By Felicia Simpson This article was first posted on Since the beginning of time, black women have helped to contribute to the growth and evolution of the world. Often minimized, our influence can’t be denied. From Dahomey warrior women who fought to defend their villages to abolitionists like Sojourner Truth who fought to defend their freedom; black women have demonstrated their ability to rise in the face of adversity. Our talents… Read More

A Picturesque Exaltation

Climbing what used to be the confederate monument at the entrance of City Park in New Orleans, LA was more than just for a photo opportunity.  It was a silent monologue that portrayed a snippet of the black woman’s struggle, the adversity we often face, and then….the exaltation we most definitely deserve.  This picture goes beyond a black girl wearing all white while perched on a monument in the middle of a… Read More

Do White Folks Hate Black Folks’ Hair?

Feelings, crown, soul, and pride are all words  synonymous with hair for black Folks. Many of Our emotions, experiences, and expressions are intertwined within the embodiment of our hair. This sentiment was eloquently sang by Solange in the song “Don’t Touch My Hair.” India Arie boldly details in the song “I Am Not My Hair” that her hair is not totally indicative of who she is even though her hair is an… Read More

Calling All Teachers!

Alumni Matter

“We just don’t want to be shut out…” For a second time, I’ve had an opportunity to see a New Orleans school established post-Katrina initiate steps to establish a relationship with the alumni community of the school that previously held the space it now occupies. But this time was different. Perhaps this was because John McDonogh Sr. High School hasn’t necessarily received the best local/national media attention nor adequate resources from the… Read More

Chef Stew Helps Youth Transition to the Next Level

  Baltimore, Maryland native Robert Stewart, known as Chef Stew, wants to empower youth through the culinary arts.  He remembers the struggles he faced on the path to becoming a celebrity chef and he wants to use his talent to show young people that cooking can help them transition into a sustainable career. How did culinary arts become your career? To be completely honest, I was kind of forced into the culinary… Read More