The Positivity of the Black Male Teacher Experience

Encouraging. Empowering. Inspiring. These are just a few characteristics of many Black male teachers within the country’s school systems and the gifts that they offer children in their classrooms. Black male teachers are low in number, as the majority of the teaching population is female and white; however, the presence of Black male teachers is beneficial for students of color and white students alike.  The scope of the Black male teacher is often… Read More

Black Male Educators of New Orleans: An Interview with Kendall McManus-Thomas

  With a bachelor’s degree in chemistry education and a master’s in educational Leadership, 26-year-old Kendall McManus-Thomas is a promising young educator. He teaches high school chemistry at his alma mater, Warren Easton Charter School, as a way to open doors for students and to inspire them to pursue careers in medicine and technology. For Kendall, the spark started in 2005 when as a junior in high school, he was displaced by… Read More

Local Heroes: Lloyd Dennis and the Silverback Society

“I will live my life as though generations depend on me, and I will teach mine to do the same.” -The Silverback Pledge Two gentlemen of New Orleans often ran into one another at community meetings and soon developed a strong mutual respect. Pastor Arthur Wardsworth and Lloyd Dennis were concerned about the effect the lack of positive male role models had on young men in their communities and agreed they were… Read More

Black Male Educators of New Orleans: An Interview With Charlie Vaughn, Jr.

Exhibit the likeness. Provoke imagination. Instill into minds. Establish perception. The seeds of change are planted with intention. They are nurtured, watered, and cultivated with love. Then the results are set free to flourish and plant seeds of their own. In a city with unemployment for black males at over 50 percent, according to a recent study released by the Urban League of New Orleans, black youth need positive role models in… Read More