How to Play the Political Game: Putting the Interest of Kids First

Education is so political and all about personal gain. The only time representatives come around to speak to parents is election time—and when I say come around, I mean they make appearances at schools their friends’ children attend. It’s a struggle to make sure your child receives the best education possible when they are in public schools. Why is it that individuals who don’t have any ties with public schools, or to… Read More

The True Definition of Educators Caring Versus Not Caring

Over the past nine months, my eyes have been opened to the world of education on another level. The research I’ve done, the things I’ve seen and heard have been really encouraging and disturbing at the same time. It has driven me to do whatever it takes to make a difference. Education is the most important part of our lives and also the most dangerous and controversial matter in America. Children’s lives… Read More

The Transition Through Aaliyah’s Eyes

As a parent you never want to feel as though you have failed your child when it comes to their education. We were given the news that our school was issued a failing grade and would be taken over by a Charter Management Organization (CMO). Questions and scenarios run through your mind. How do you explain this to your child? Who will get your school? Will they bring all new staff in?… Read More