College Dreams Dim Amidst Fears of Cuts to TOPS Program

  Our students can’t afford to lose out on financial assistance for college because the state has a budget problem. The hope of a bright future is a huge deal for teens during their high school years and the ability to pay for higher education is a big piece of that. It’s no surprise, then, that worry has gripped students and parents alike, as well as educators, since hearing about a potential… Read More

2nd grader headed to Vanderbilt

When students believe in the school they attend, something is working. KIPP Primary academy received a “C” and an 83.5 on their Student Performance Score on last year’s state report card. Among the student body, 69% are performing at or above grade level and 94% receive a lunch subsidy. The best data point, however, is the smile and excitement on the face of Ronald Anthony Clark Jr. or “Dooda” – as his… Read More