Mommy, why don’t any of my teachers look like me?

As student of color populations continue to grow, there are simply not enough teachers of color available to accommodate these increasing numbers. In fact, the numbers of Black teachers have declined from the beginning of 2000 until 2012.  Travis Bristol, a former public school teacher who now conducts research at Stanford’s Center for Opportunity Policy in Education asked, “Why should we care that the demographic makeup of America’s teaching force does not mirror… Read More

Why we need more teachers of color, especially men

Can you imagine if Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin taught 4th grade English or if Shawn Carter (Jay-Z) was a professor of business administration? We need this kind of talent in schools to overcome institutional racism. In his latest column, It’s Easier to Remove a Confederate Flag, than a Racist Teacher, Andre Perry sees the recent call to remove the confederate flag following the death of nine black citizens in South Carolina as… Read More