Time to Burst the Bubble

Maybe we should just be honest and admit that we are kidding ourselves. We say that the election of Trump is surprising but we have seen the writing on the wall for many years now. Voter suppression, a Congress that has refused to work on behalf of the people, and a constant barrage of social injustices have left far too many Americans feeling alienated, grasping at straws and willing to throw anything… Read More

We need to stop “grappling” with discipline inequities and start solving them

  Are we literally saying that we can’t handle our children? Are we creating our own utopian society schools? It seems as though we are assuming the role of an effective weed and feed. Weeding out the unwanted and undesirable class of students that we don’t want to deal with and teaching them is out of the question. There is a fierce national debate around suspensions and expulsions. This generally includes three… Read More

What Is the True Purpose of the Congressional Black Caucus?

This past week I, along with a group of parents, attended the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. This was my first time attending, so I was excited for the opportunity to express my concerns as a parent regarding the education of my child and other children across the U.S. Once we arrived at the education sessions on our first day, my opinion quickly turned negative and had me… Read More

All parents want our children to succeed; we want to give them every opportunity…

It is my sincere belief that as parents we are our children’s first teachers.  In that space, it is our job to intimately know what academic setting would garner the most success for them and as parents we are empowered to make that choice.  We must be an advocate, by researching, finding and guiding them through that avenue. I am the mother of four very different vivacious spirits that engage and understand… Read More

Dr. Howard Fuller speaks on the New Orleans success story

Campbell Brown, Editor-in-Chief of The Seventy Four, recently interviewed Dr. Howard Fuller on the state of the education reform movement in New Orleans and nationally. In this conversation Dr. Fuller— a civil rights activist and champion for the people of New Orleans, spoke candidly about education reform in New Orleans and the need to empower the communities most impacted by reform efforts over the past 10 years. The titillating yet unnerving conversation… Read More

NOLA Parent Perspectives town-hall meeting

The town-hall meeting moderated by Dr. Andre Perry at Dillard University Georges Auditorium is presented by the Louisiana Black Alliance for Educational Options, Orleans Public Education Network (OPEN), Stand for Children Louisiana, and the Urban League of Greater New Orleans. .   

The Need for an Intersectional Education Reform Movement

We can’t go any further without addressing intersectionality in education reform. Over the past few years, images of violence against black people have dominated twitter feeds, air waves, and news segments across the country. Young people are increasingly becoming witness to real life public examples that they are not valued and that they do not matter. Just in the past month, we have mourned the nine lives whose last moments in a… Read More

How I Became a Reformer

  What is the state of education in New Orleans 10 years after the storm? Like crawfish boils in the spring, this question has become a staple in the social lexicon of families, teachers, church mothers, and reformers in New Orleans. Responses to the question, more often than not, lead to a more complex set of conversations about crime, violence, prisons and the lack of opportunity. The proximal relationship I have to… Read More