To be honest I am thrilled at Trumps success

On November 8, 2016 the American people spoke when they elected Donald J. Trump as their 45th President. There were various reasons why Americans elected a self-serving, foul-mouthed, woman-disrespecting narcissist to the highest office in the United States of America. If we are honest, some racist voters were tired of seeing an uppity N-word in the White House; after all, it had been eight years. Many party loyalists were so ready to… Read More

Revoking Vouchers: A House is Not a Home

Protecting the rights of people to have affordable housing is something Community Journalist, Lamont Douglas believes in. Check out his video.

Time to Burst the Bubble

Maybe we should just be honest and admit that we are kidding ourselves. We say that the election of Trump is surprising but we have seen the writing on the wall for many years now. Voter suppression, a Congress that has refused to work on behalf of the people, and a constant barrage of social injustices have left far too many Americans feeling alienated, grasping at straws and willing to throw anything… Read More

No NAACP. No You Don’t.

  You have not been given a blank check to speak on behalf of colored people all across America. I certainly don’t remember signing up for or agreeing to that. You don’t have the hands-on knowledge needed to develop an unbiased, clear and inclusive position that represents how parents like me feel about charter schools. Your track record disqualifies you from making such a sweeping decision that will do irreparable damage to… Read More

Change:The Facelift the Orleans Parish School Board Desperately Needs

  Say goodbye to the school board you used to know. When Senate Bill 432 passed and was signed into law as Act 91 it should have been evident to New Orleanians that despite a gradual return to local control they will not be witnessing the same old school board that they once knew. The school board and its members will have less power than the pre-Katrina school board. They essentially will… Read More

The Healing Process

  This story is nothing new: A New Orleans family moves to Baton Rouge after losing everything in the flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina. Just this past week, yet another New Orleans family loses everything due to historic flooding in Baton Rouge and other river parishes. My wife, mother and I traveled to Baton Rouge this past weekend to help my mother-in-law and sister-in-law clean out and gut out their house. One… Read More

We need to stop “grappling” with discipline inequities and start solving them

  Are we literally saying that we can’t handle our children? Are we creating our own utopian society schools? It seems as though we are assuming the role of an effective weed and feed. Weeding out the unwanted and undesirable class of students that we don’t want to deal with and teaching them is out of the question. There is a fierce national debate around suspensions and expulsions. This generally includes three… Read More

The Lusher Teachers Union Defeat: Do as I Say and Not as I Do

According to a Lusher Charter School parent, a teacher took the microwave she bought out of the teacher’s lounge because no one who was for unions was going to have the luxury of using her microwave. Parents heard from pro-union teachers that they have received threats by phone, mail and email because they wanted to form a union. The letter sent to Lusher Charter School parents from its PTSA, proclaimed to want… Read More

Return to Local Control Means Parents Must Be Heard

Senate Bill 432 has passed. Orleans Parish Schools are being returned to local control. Education officials announced thirteen members of a committee that will steer the process. It includes a mix of charter school heads, education advocates, and nonprofit leaders. It is a distinguished committee whose members have extensive backgrounds and experience in education. However I have some important questions for members of the committee. Who will ensure that the parents’ narrative… Read More

No More “No Excuses,” Please

  Critical thinking, logic and reasoning are a few skills I believe should be taught to our children in order for them to be productive. Our children should meet high expectations and they should conduct themselves in a manner that represents them well. I want our children and teenagers to be challenged to the point of discomfort. But in the end, when they look back over the tough road they traversed to… Read More