Here’s What I Want to See in the #Next10: Schools That Live in the Reality of the Children We Hope to Educate

I was asked a question, a very good question the other day. The question was “What do you want to see in the next 10 years regarding education in New Orleans?” The answer is very simple yet very complex. What I need to see is a foundation that listens to the people who are actually impacted. I want to see schools that are modern with up-to-date pools, gyms with up-to-date equipment, laboratories,… Read More

Dr. Howard Fuller speaks on the New Orleans success story

Campbell Brown, Editor-in-Chief of The Seventy Four, recently interviewed Dr. Howard Fuller on the state of the education reform movement in New Orleans and nationally. In this conversation Dr. Fuller— a civil rights activist and champion for the people of New Orleans, spoke candidly about education reform in New Orleans and the need to empower the communities most impacted by reform efforts over the past 10 years. The titillating yet unnerving conversation… Read More

Missing players…

Business and industry are missing players in education reform. In my last position leading statewide campaigns to pass education reform legislation in CA, OH, TN, and Louisiana, one of the biggest tasks was establishing working coalition tables. The business sector represented often by the chamber of commerce was always a sought after partner because of their ability to influence others to think about how we are preparing our future workforce, their political… Read More