We Must Not Give Up

Would you give up on your child? Would you allow anyone to hurt them? Are they less important than the next child in the next state? Of course, we as parents would never give up on our most precious gifts. Our children help save us from the hardest times in our lives, so wouldn’t we save them from their hardest times? Children have been made to be the most controversial issue in… Read More

Night of Inspiration

  Everyone looks for that one night of inspiration. What’s your inspiration? How does it make you feel inside? Does it make you smile or laugh? Do you dream about it? What’s your definition of inspiration? Last week, I attended an event called “The Family Night of Inspiration” held at Andrew H. Wilson Charter School. It was open to the public. It was an open house for the school to showcase all… Read More

3 things to make the summer fun and safe for #NOLAKIDS

Summer can be a very unsafe and vulnerable time for our children. Temperatures reach 90+, the last second line of the season has passed and unless your child is in a summer program, chances are they are bored. Playing outside can be dangerous as crime rates go up in the city.  The FBI reports that on average, crime increases nearly 10 percent between the months of June and August.  As a city we… Read More