A Higher Bar: Necessary But Not Sufficient to Close the Gap

“Why you tryin’ to teach us ratios and half of us in here can’t even do long division properly?” One of my sixth-grade students emphatically asked this question during class in my first year teaching in North Baton Rouge. Her question took me by surprise on two fronts. First, I was in the middle of unpacking the skills needed to solve questions covered by the sixth-grade Common Core standards around ratios.  Secondly… Read More

Top 5 things we learned from parents at #NOLAParentPerspectives 

Last Thursday, a parent-focused townhall was hosted by Stand for Children, Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO), Orleans Parish Education Network (OPEN), and the Urban League of Greater New Orleans. Eight parents participated on panels to share their perspectives on topics related to One App enrollment, governance and accountability. The discussion ended with Lamont Douglas, a parent representing OPEN saying, “A school system that is doing good has parent involvement.” Amplifying parent… Read More