Thank you Miss Fish

I couldn’t let Teachers Appreciation Week come to an end without writing a little something about my son’s teacher, Miss Fish. Sheesh, where do I begin? When I decided to move my son from Nursery school to a “big boy school,” I was a bit nervous. Actually, nervous is an understatement. I was terrified! My son had been at his Nursery since he was 17 months and I knew everyone over there…. Read More

Celebrating 51 Years in Education!

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!  For the second year, New Schools for New Orleans  has announced their Excellence in Teaching Awards.  One  educator they are celebrating is Sylvia Crier. Ms. Crier, a social studies teacher at McDonald 35 Senior High School, has been teaching for 51 years. That’s dedication! “She makes sure we leave her class with the most gained knowledge. She’s one of those kinds of teachers you are going to remember… Read More

The Moment I Knew I Was Called to Teach

The moment I knew I was going to become an educator was during my last year of college, volunteering at a local elementary school in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana. One afternoon one of my fifth-grade students asked me where I attended college. I told them I attended Louisiana State University. My college and this school were located less than five minutes away from each other and as a total surprise and shock to… Read More